Thursday, 1 June 2017

Our Daily Milk

World Milk Day is Thursday 1 June. We are very fortunate at Banks Avenue School to have the support of Fonterra who provide our children with free milk every day.

Drinking milk promotes healthy bone growth in children. Health professionals recommend a daily intake of milk as part of a balanced diet. The milk Fonterra supplies contributes positively to the health and well being of the children at Banks Avenue School.

To celebrate World Milk Day and to acknowledge the contribution Fonterra makes to the health and well being of our students, the Media Team has taken some photos of our children enjoying their daily carton of milk.

Cartons up for milk!

All smiles for milk time.

Room 7 children enjoy their daily milk.
Thumbs up for milk time.

So..... who is this?

Milk and..... smiles.

Hooray!!! Milk time.
Story time and... milk time.

Milk and...... 'Dab'!!!

24 cartons to a box. Boxes delivered daily.

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