Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Wellbeing Team Thoughts...

I liked being in the Wellbeing Team because:
1.     I connected with others
2.     I learnt a lot of information on wellbeing at the forum.
3.     I liked leading the people who joined wellbeing recently.
4.     It’s helped me understand what learning to learn is.
5.     It’s helped develop my public speaking(talking to people at the forum).

I liked holding the activities because I loved being able to see how the activities turned out. Going to the forum and seeing what other schools did was inspiring. To find the next steps for the health and wellbeing for Banks Ave and my favourite part was being part of a team and connecting with others.

Being part of the Wellbeing Team has been fun. I liked how we did things at lunch for the juniors. When we showed other schools our great ideas I felt really proud. One of my favourite things that we did was the book swap. I always get excited when it’s Tuesday because it’s fun to take part in the Wellbeing Team.

Being in the Wellbeing Team has been a special moment and special membership. My favourite session was when we got an emotional first aid box and I filled it with memories.

Being in the team is fun. You talk about health and wellbeing. You run games but not everything is games, like book swap. Where you swap  a book for them to read and some are great for the mind. You learn something you haven’t heard before like the growth mindset.  Also to be active so you’re healthy for your mind and body.

I think that the Wellbeing Team is a great way to know about mental health and wellbeing. You get to go to the forum and see what other schools are doing. You get to share.


Sunday, 19 November 2017

Emotional First Aid Boxes

Emotional  First Aid Boxes

The Wellbeing Team asked fifteen Year 5&6 children if they would like to come along for two lunch times and make their own emotional first aid box. If you have had a bad day or if you just need some help to pick yourself up then open your box and it will make you feel better. In the box you put in things that give you good memories such as a photo, shells you collected , a quote and other things that are important to you.

by Sienna.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Exercising with Toby and Callum

June 28th 2017

Toby and Callum led Jump Jam for the children at lunchtime. They were fantastic leaders.
The children were full of excitement and energy as they followed the enthusiastic duo!

Jump Jam is a super way to exercise and maintain your fitness for your wellbeing!

Toby and Callum are part of the Jump Jam teams at Banks Avenue School. We have 2 Jump Jam school teams and 2 idol teams.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Our Daily Milk

World Milk Day is Thursday 1 June. We are very fortunate at Banks Avenue School to have the support of Fonterra who provide our children with free milk every day.

Drinking milk promotes healthy bone growth in children. Health professionals recommend a daily intake of milk as part of a balanced diet. The milk Fonterra supplies contributes positively to the health and well being of the children at Banks Avenue School.

To celebrate World Milk Day and to acknowledge the contribution Fonterra makes to the health and well being of our students, the Media Team has taken some photos of our children enjoying their daily carton of milk.

Cartons up for milk!

All smiles for milk time.

Room 7 children enjoy their daily milk.
Thumbs up for milk time.

So..... who is this?

Milk and..... smiles.

Hooray!!! Milk time.
Story time and... milk time.

Milk and...... 'Dab'!!!

24 cartons to a box. Boxes delivered daily.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

GIrls in Sport

Girls in Sport 

Each Tuesday, Ms Haig holds 'Girls in Sports' to make girls have a bit of fun because normally you always see boys getting together and playing a big game of soccer. For some reason, girls can't do it that easily. Ms Haig thought of a brilliant idea- 'Girls in Sport'. With my mind I think it's helping encourage the girls because now each Tuesday we can go out and organise a game of whatever we want. So if you're a sporty girl, I think you should join in when you see the bunch of girls playing a nice little game. 

Samantha Kyle 


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Welcome to our Wellbeing Blog

Kia ora, Malo e Lei Lei, Talofa, Guten Tag, Namaste

This year the Wellbeing Team have decided to set up a blog to showcase what an amazing place Banks Avenue School is. 
We foster wellbeing through out HEART values and these are displayed in a multitude of ways each and every day. 
This blog is an opportunity to see some of the ways our community promote positive Hauora. 


Cross Country 
Cross Country

Team Kahikatea swimming at Aqua Gym