Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Wellbeing Team Thoughts...

I liked being in the Wellbeing Team because:
1.     I connected with others
2.     I learnt a lot of information on wellbeing at the forum.
3.     I liked leading the people who joined wellbeing recently.
4.     It’s helped me understand what learning to learn is.
5.     It’s helped develop my public speaking(talking to people at the forum).

I liked holding the activities because I loved being able to see how the activities turned out. Going to the forum and seeing what other schools did was inspiring. To find the next steps for the health and wellbeing for Banks Ave and my favourite part was being part of a team and connecting with others.

Being part of the Wellbeing Team has been fun. I liked how we did things at lunch for the juniors. When we showed other schools our great ideas I felt really proud. One of my favourite things that we did was the book swap. I always get excited when it’s Tuesday because it’s fun to take part in the Wellbeing Team.

Being in the Wellbeing Team has been a special moment and special membership. My favourite session was when we got an emotional first aid box and I filled it with memories.

Being in the team is fun. You talk about health and wellbeing. You run games but not everything is games, like book swap. Where you swap  a book for them to read and some are great for the mind. You learn something you haven’t heard before like the growth mindset.  Also to be active so you’re healthy for your mind and body.

I think that the Wellbeing Team is a great way to know about mental health and wellbeing. You get to go to the forum and see what other schools are doing. You get to share.


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  1. It has been great to see all of the work that you as a team have achieved this year. You have tried some new ideas within the school, been able to see what other wellbeing teams are doing at their schools and have learned quite a bit as I can see in the comments you have made. Good for you and thanks for all you have done this year.